Trauma Responsive Organisations

Diverse and multicultural interventions and organisations

29th & 30th August 9.30-.4.30

This 14-hour CPD training is based on my book and previous publications, and is delivered with my co-facilitator Ravind Jeawon, an expert in multicultural therapy and practices

1) Learners will examine the evidence base for multicultural interventions

2) Learners will assess the idea of intersectionality and its impact on care

3) Learners will identify blocks and barriers to engaging with diversity and cultural identities

4) Learners will demonstrate skills in multicultural orientation

5) Leaners will explore organisation factors that need to be considered

6) Learners will appreciate how culture interacts with care

Benefit of using Multicultural Orientation

Learning outcomes: Practitioners will be able to

1) Develop a framework for being responsive to diverse identities

2) Be responsive to intersectionality

3) Develop skills in the Multicultural orientation

4) Consider organisational dynamics and processes

Course curriculum

    1. How To Use This Course

    1. Multicultural & Diversity Chapter (Mahon & Jeawon, 2022)

    2. Reading Multicultural Competency V Cultural Humility

    3. Reading: Collaboration in Multicultural Therapy

    4. Reading: Cultural Ruptures in Therapy

    5. Reading: Cultural Concealment in Therapy

About this course

  • 6 lessons

Instructor Profile

Daryl Mahon has worked across the health and social care sector for over a decade, as a therapist and social care worker. Currently, he works as a researcher in health and social care with a focus on service reform in complex systems, as well as lecturing in Health and Social Care. He also provides national and international training across a variety of domains such as psychotherapy processes and outcomes; multicultural orientations; feedback-informed treatment and deliberate practice. Daryl is the author of multiple peer reviewed journal articles, as well as his seminal book on trauma responsive organisaitions.


Ravind Jeawon (MIACP) is the founder of Talk Therapy Dublin and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from University College Cork.

Ravind has a specific interest in Culturally Responsive Counselling and working with difference. He has experience working with clients from different countries, ethnic backgrounds and minoritized perspectives. Ravind has also completed additional cultural competence training at the Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy centre in London. Ravind works providing support to the International Organization for Migration, particularly psychosocial support for clients accessing the IOM’s Voluntary Return Program